Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day one!

It's official, Aaron is finally in Iraq and now we are counting down the days so we can have him home again. I talked to him last night on the phone for the last time and he was in Minnesota waiting to get another flight to Ireland and then from there Iraq. He sounded more anxious then anything. He has a lot of unanswered questions about what life will be like for the next while. He wasn't scared or nervous, unlike me who is terrified and I'm trying to think of it as another training exercise not a war zone. But I know that he will be fine and I hope it flies by for all of us. I really hope he stays busy enough that it will go by quickly. I will keep you all updated on how he is doing and maybe we will get lucky and he can come home early. But for now we wait until we know how we can communicate with eachother. He is supposed to be able to use webcam and the internet and stuff, but we won't know for sure until he gets there and gets settled in. I just want to get it over with quickly.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Out of the mouthes of babes.

Haylee went to church with my mom today and she said that funniest thing during sacrament meeting. She looks over at my mom and says "we need a hot dog stand in here or maybe a hamburger or fries, or even tacos." Is that not hilarious and my mom says "well we will have to talk to the bishop about that." So Haylee says lets go ask, in the middle of sacrament meeting. My mom says "we can't right now he is busy", that satisfied her until the end. On their way out to the car she looks at my mom and says "did you talk to your bishop yet?" I think she is so funny. So if you have a concesion stand in your foyer any time soon you have Haylee to thank. Kids say the funniest things.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doctors visit.

I went to the doctor today for a follow up and everything looks really good. The good news is that while looking at my chart, she thinks that we will go three weeks early and that he will be a six pounder, just like my first two boys. So my guesstimate is the week of Mothers Day. So I have cut three weeks off of my pregnancy just by having a boy. It will be here before I know it and I still have so much to do before I can bring him home. I had better just hire a professional organizer and call it a day!! I wish it were that easy. In realizing that it is coming so soon I am getting very anxious to get him here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another First For McCoy!

We were at Aaron's mom's house last night hanging out with family when Aaron decided to cut Pay's hair. So I supervised and then put Pay in the shower, then I made the mistake of leaving Aaron unattended with the clippers and my baby. Aaron came in the kitchen with a big grin on his face and I knew what he had done. He cut my baby's hair, I was so mad! I really wanted to cry he doesn't even look the same. Payton has such thick hair but McCoy has hardly any hair at all and it was just starting to get long. Now it is gone! I am getting over it because I know it is just hair and it will grow back, it was just a shock to see him bald, his poor head is so cold now, but Aaron just says "well he likes hats." I could beat him. Aaron also left today to head to Iraq. It was really hard to say goodbye, but it also brought a lot of peace and comfort. I know he will be safe and that our Heavenly Father is watching over all of us. The kids were surprisingly okay with him going. I'm sure that they don't quite understand what is going on, but they know that he will be gone for a long time this time, without visits inbetween. With summer coming and a new baby coming I'm sure it will fly by, I hope it goes by just as quickly for him. We now will start keeping ourselves busy and wait for him to come home, then it will be a whole different kind of stress, with him finding a new job and getting him settled into home life again. We can't wait until this is all over.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We have a name

We are thinking that we have finally agreed on a name. So the winner is Emmett Nash Vargas. Nobody in my family likes it but oh well, I guess it is a good thing that he is my kid, I can name him what I want. But you can still feel free to let me know what you think, even if you don't like it, I won't be offended. I still like Bruxton but Aaron says no way, we'll see. For now it is Emmett. I am just glad that I have a name to go with. But I am anxious to see what he looks like. Not that I would change it without talking to Aaron first.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Proud Mommy!

I had a pretty proud moment yesterday. Yes I am about to gloat, sorry. We were at a birthday party and we had lunch as a party, well Payton was asked to bless the food. I was nervous because I was on the other side of the room and didn't think he would want to do it alone. Well was I wrong, he said he would and started his prayer, in the middle he got stuck and leaned over to Haylee and asked for help, so she proceeded to help him finish the prayer. I was so proud of both of them they did so well and it made me think that maybe I am not doing so bad as a mom, they are learning something. And today McCoy went potty in the toilet for the first time. I was so proud and kind of sad at the same time. My kids are getting so big so fast, I'm so glad that I get to watch every minute of it. Sorry for gloating it just felt good to feel like your doing a good job.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Be careful about what you say and do in front of your kids.

I learned a lesson about sarcasm the other night. Payton and I were sitting up watching tv and he asked me something that really shocked me. He says "mommy why don't you like daddy very much?" I was taken so off gaurd by that. We are always sarcastic with eachother and jokingly hitting eachother, I never thought that the kids would think that we don't like eachother. I asked him why he thought that I don't like Aaron and he didn't answer me. I explained to him that we love eachother very much and that we both love them and that we feel very blessed and lucky to have them in our lives. It broke my heart to think that he thinks that his parents don't like eachother. Well I am hoping to change the sarcasm in our house. It really showed me how kids see things and we need to be very loving around them and to them. So be careful about what you say and do around your kids.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

I know that my family is not the only one that has been sick all winter long, but I am done!!! In the past 2 weeks I have had all four of us in the doctors office. Haylee had an ear infection, McCoy had a sinus infection, Payton has had a stomach bug and I also have a sinus infection. They said that if I would have waited 24 more hours with McCoy we would have a had a mess to clean up. Payton's has to work it's way through and keep him hydrated, Haylee is all healed up and good again, for now. And me I am on an antibiotic to get rid of my infection. I have never had so much pain in my head in all my life. I get headaches all the time and this infection has been killing me! I can't wait for spring and summer , I want to be warm again and not be sick all the time. Anyway, I know that I'm not alone, sorry for venting.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another fantastic week

So it has been another great week. I am so glad that it is warming up outside, because my kids need to run around. On Wednesday I had to take Haylee to the doctor, her ears were bugging her and she just didn't feel good. So we went and they said that she had a pretty good ear infection that has caused a small hole in her eardrum, so they put her on an antibiotic to heal it all up. The hole will heal and she is fine. Then we had a baptism and birthday on Saturday and Haylee gave a talk on Sunday, she did really good. Monday was a late start day at school, so that brought a fight to get to school that lasted an hour and a half. Haylee didn't want to go at all. Well I made her go anyway and she was not happy. Then while she was at school Payton and McCoy wouldn't stop fighting with each other. When Haylee got home she had to join in on the fighting, until I couldn't take it anymore, so we ended up at my mom's house to distract us. Then today has been just as busy. We had a read a thon at Haylee's school, then I took McCoy to the doctor and got locked out of my house, then went to a playdate at Carl's Jr. Then to ballet for an hour and a half, then to the store for food. And we still have to read for the day and paint a dresser. McCoy has a pretty nasty sinus infection that is trying to move into his lungs, they said about 24 hours later we would be dealing with broncitis or worse. So now we are giving him antibiotics. I am tired I hope tomorrow goes by slower, I like being busy but today was too
much. We will be busy again Saturday and I'm sure the rest of this week will be just as crazy. I can't wait for lazy summer days, by then we will have another baby to take care of. Maybe someday I will earn a vacation.