Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SePteMbeR PaRt 2!!

Ok so here is what else happened this month that I forgot in our last post. Payton lost his first tooth!! He was so excited, it was loose for a long time and he was playing with it at school and it came out. Aaron wrecked his bike, which I already told you. Now we are figuring out how much it is going to cost to fix it, and it looks like there is more damage then we thought. The kids are loving school Haylee even comes home and wants to play school with her friends, that is a huge turn around from last year. But the big news is this, we have a new member in our family, no I am not prego, Aaron found a dog and brought it home. That's right a dog!!! As for right now it is staying at his mom's house until we figure out what to do with him. The kids are getting very attatched and I think Aaron is too. I dont know we will see what happens in the coming days. Ememt also had his first taste of food this month, he really wasnt too sure, but it doesnt matter because it came right back up. He really liked the applesauce, but it came up too. We will try again this week some time. We have spent alot of time outside as a family. We have gone on bike rides and have taken alot of walks, the kids have really enjoyed being out with mom and dad. Even Emmet loves being outside, he even sat in the bike trailor with McCoy and they got along just fine. We are enjoying being a whole family again. Aaron started working again doing a house up in Farmington and so far it is going well. He is still pursuing the security jobs he has applied for, but for now we doing carpentry. I have really missed the smell of saw dust and wood. The more time we spend together the more I realize just how much I missed him!! He has been such a huge blessing to me, he has been amazing with the house and kids. I dont remember the last time I have had that much help. Anyway now that you are bored and probably leaving my blog, it has been an awesome month and we are so grateful to have Aaron home. Thanks for listening!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


September has been pretty good and has gone by very quickly!!! The kiddos are still loving school and are doing really well. Aaron is home and getting settled in, I think he is happy to be here and not ready to go back any time soon. He has taken the kids on two camping trips already and they have loved that!! Those boys are all over him, they really missed their dad and are wasting no time making up lost time together!! We have enjoyed watching our Fab 5 on America's Got Talent, I am so so glad that they did it!! They didnt take the money but they sure made the rest of them work for it!!! Haylee and I had a big spa night all planned, friends invited, movies rented, junk food ready to be eaten and we found a mouse!!! So we had to cancel the spa night at my house and headed to Grandma's and had a spa night there instead. We have caught our mouse and we hope we are rodent free!! Haylee is still loving ballet and she is a natural at it, I love watching her dance it takes me back to when I was little with my tiny clogging shoes, ready to go!! To finish off our month I get to go to Women's Conference and the Conference Center with my mom and sister and then Aaron and I will celebrate our 7th anniversary and our 1st anniversary, temple sealing. It has been crazy around our house, but we have enjoyed every minute of it!! Hope we didnt bore you to tears!! we have some cute pictures to post soon too!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Payton came home the other day talking about his new friends at school and then he starts talking about a little girl named Sarah and she is his friend at school and then he says and mom she is really cute did you know that? I thought it was so funny!! Then I dropped him off at school the other day and was waiting with him for his teacher and a little girl turns the corner and he says look mom that is Sarah and he got all excited to talk to her. Then yesterday morning I woke up to him telling Haylee all about her and she thinks she is a cute girl too. I think Pay has his first crush!! It is cute!! Haylee has been learning about her continents and oceans already this year and I was at my mom's house while Madi was doing homework and heard her start talking about continents and oceans and stuff. They are learning the same thing at school, the difference is Haylee is in 1st grade and Madi is in 6th grade!!! I was shocked that Madi hadnt done geography yet and Hays is. I am so glad that we are in the charter school and I also heard that in the next year or two they hope to have a high school added on to the charter school. I hope my kids like it as much as I do.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Week

Aaron has been home now for a week and a half and it has been CRAZY!!! School and ballet are in full swing and the kids are loving it. Haylee came home the other day and named off all of her continents and oceans, which really impressed me!! Pay on the other hand has made sugar, about 5 pairs of shoes and wood. But later informed us that he did enjoy music class and PE, and he also got beat up apparently. I dont know how truthful that last part is. Haylee has been in ballet and is doing very well, she loves it so much and is really good at it!! She is like her momma when it comes to dancing!! Aaron has had a pretty eventful week also. He has been "working" up at the reserve center at the U during the day. It has been 4 days on and 4 off, it has been so awesome to have him home!! We missed him so much!!! But his biggest event this past week is he wrecked his bike the other day and it got impounded because the registration was up and our insurance info changed and I guess UHP frowns on that. But we got that mess cleared up just to get told that we have 3 days left of him working up at the U and until the end of the month to find a job!!! Nice huh? Needless to say he is a little stressed out!!! Oh to boot he is pretty frustrated with his former business partner that was a little less then honest with him. So far it has been a ride. But I am hoping that it will get better with time. But regardless of all the crap going on we are very grateful to have him home and we are enjoying every minute with him. I hope he is happy to be home too!! So that is our wild week I hope we didnt bore you to death!!