Thursday, December 31, 2009

There Really is a Santa!!!

Christmas was good, but I have to admit that I was not in the mood for it!! It just didnt feel like Christmas to me this year and I was really sad about my attitude about it!! That all changed on Christmas Eve...... Aaron had to work so we spent most of the day with my family. We were there all day, house locked up tight waiting for Santa, and us, to arrive. Well we came home around 7:30ish, way early for Christmas Eve and had a big surprise waiting for us!! I came in the house first and didnt notice anything out of the ordinary, I went in the bedroom for a minute and Haylee comes running in behind me yelling Santa came Santa came!! I just looked at her like whatev, goof ball!!! But she said come see our tree, so I followed her and low and behold sure enough there sits a boat load of presents under our tree that we did not place there. I was shocked, for one how did I not see that when I came in, and two how did someone get in my very locked up house!!! Yes Christmas was tight, but we were ok, the kids got what was at the top of their lists, minus a few minor things. Well the few minor things is what happened to be a couple of those presents. Another funny thing those things were not mentioned to anyone but me and I didnt say anything either. Anyway the kids were beyond excited and saw fit that we should tear into them right that minute, not gonna happen!!! I made them wait until Christmas morning, mean I know!! But recieving that amazing surprise really changed my attitude and reminded me what Christmas was about!! When I was little my parnts always did a Secret Santa family and I remember helping deliver stuff at night when nobody was around!! I loved it, it was so awesome to know that some kids were going to get the surprise of their lives in the morning. My parents have done an excellent job in teaching us that it is not about yourself and what you want, it is about helping others and serving the ones you love!! Not just at Christmas time but all the time and I try very hard to serve whomever I can!! I hope that I can pass that on to my kids and I think it might be time to get them involved in the Secret Santa business!! But anyway whoever broke into my house and served our family, you know who you are, thank you!! You not only made 4 little children very very happy you brought the Spirit back into our home and made Christmas Christmas again!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Ok as you all know tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we were talking about traditions that my mom remember as a child. So I thought I would ask you, my blogging friends, what are some tradiotions that you have? What are some traditions that you had as a child? Have you started any new traditions, being married and having kids? I will start, in our little family, the night we put our tree the kids get to sleep in the front room with the tree lights all aglow, they love it!! Another one we have is on Christmas Eve we make our cookies for Santa, which the kids also love!! I am really excited to hear about your traditions. I think it is a fun and interesting way to get to know each other better!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So here we are December, Christmas time again! It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is actually the bussiest time of the year!! We have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off!! Haylee finished up ballet with three, yes three performances in one week! She was in a production of The Nutcracker, she was a pretty snowflake!! She had so much fun performing and dancing her little heart out!! We are all gald for the break!! Both of the kids had school parties this week, Pay got to wear his jammies to school and have Polar Express day. They watched the movie and had hot chocolate and popcorn, he loved it!! It was alot of fun for the kids. Haylee's class read Christmas stories, decorated cookies and had a book exchange. She had a lot of fun also and came out of it with a really good book. Then we had a Christmas play that Haylee and Pay were both in. We have a tradition in our little Pine Canyon world. See this is where my family is from, and I mean our family settled this place and they are all still there, with a few new comers. We as a town\family have been putting on a Christmas play for years and I mean ALOT of years!!! We almost didnt have it this year but I am so glad that we did it. It was so much fun, the kids had a blast, and next year McCoy gets to join in on the fun!!! Then today came, Aaron and I got to go to Michelle Bales funeral. It was amazing, the spirit that was there is so undescribable!! She was an amazing woman who loved everyone so much!! Every person that got to know her was blessed, she was a perfect example of service and love!! She will be greatly missed and her husband and sons are in our hearts and prayers!! Then we had another party, just family this time, so more relaxed. We had good food, a bouncy house, treats, Santa came and we made gingerbread houses. The kids loved all the candy and sugar floating around. We all had a good time hanging out together. Now we are getting ready to enjoy the rest of our Holiday. School is out for two weeks, am I the only one that is happy about this? I love having the kids home, and they love being home. Christmas is here and it has snuck up on me so fast!! We have 5 days and I am not done with my shopping yet, I guess I better get on the ball. Well friends and family, if I dont see you, I hope your Christmas is everything you want it to be!!We love you all!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey ladies, I am having a hair bling party on Dec 8th at 6pm at my house. Thay are really cute tinsel that you tie in your hair. They come in a lot of different colors and they look SO cute. So come over and check it out.