Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Have you ever looked around your house and just felt blah!? I have been noticing lately that I am really bored with the way my house looks, I need a change!! My problem is that I dont know where to start! I love things that are uniquely mine! When you come to my house I want you to see things that you wont see at the neighbors house. Like right now I am really wanting a different couch set because EVERYONE has the set that I have, that beyond bugs me!! I want a new color scheme, so my thoughts are cream, brown, a mustardy yellow and a teal blue. What do you think?? I know that doesnt sound very great together but I think I have found shades of those four colors that will work. The other thing that bites over here is that we cannot paint the walls, so my walls are white as white can be. I am cruising the internet for inspiration and for things that I like. I have some ideas in my head, and I really want to do something with them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are still here!!

So I am sure some of you are wondering if we are still alive! Yes we are, just busy! The month of May was super busy and June followed just as crazy as can be! We finished up the school year and have been loving summer vacation! Lets see what have we been doing? There is so much I dont know where to start! Well I guess the biggest thing is out little peanut Emmet turned 1 on my 25th birthday! That was fun. We had a zoo themed party for him, elephant cake and all. Of course the camera wouldnt work so no pics, sorry. I am way sad about it, you only have one first birthday, but he loved it! I cant believe he is already a year, it goes by so fast. I just love him so much, he makes us all smile everyday!! On Memorial Day weekend, Aaron and I went to the Kansas, Styxx and Journey concert out at Miller, it was so much fun! I had never seen any of them in concert, we enjoyed every minute of it! He took the boys to the AMA stuff out there that weekend and they all had so much fun! Pay and McCoy even rode a mechanical bull, they loved it. We do have pics of that, I will post them later. We havent been out doing a lot of stuff, just hanging out at home enjoying a lazy summer with friends. We are taking this summer really slow, not jamming our schedule full of stuff to do. We love the lazy days of ice cream, running through the srinklers and late nights outside. I hope people still check out our blog, I will post pics soon!