Monday, January 18, 2010


Well not alot is going on at our house, we are pretty boring people!!!! The last month has been pretty trying on Aaron and I, we are kind of stuck trying to figure out what we are going to do. We know that Aaron wants to go to school and get a better job. We are trying to get our debt all paid off and working on getting a house. But we dont know where we want to be. We have talked about buying a house within our ward, and we have talked about buying land and building our own house. We are stuck on that decision. Now for school, we havent really decided which school or what he wants to go for. He has debated about law enforcement but he would really like to get back into carpentry, but there is no market for it now. I think the only thing we are 100% positive about is that we love love love their school and want to stay. We need a bigger house and yard, and that our family is getting so big and we are enjoying watching them grow up. We are so up in the air right now!! But on the other side of things we both got new callings yesterday, fun fun. I got called to nursery and Aaron is the Young Men's secretary. I am really excited about his calling, I have done mine before, but I think he will really enjoy his!! Emmet is learning to crawl and is all over the place!! He is already getting into everything he can get his little hands on. He went for a check up the other day and weighed in at 13.6lbs and is 26in long. He is still really little, but is getting bigger every day!! McCoy is talking up a storm, my boys are late talkers, but he is doing pretty good, and he will make a fantastic charades player!!! Pay and Haylee are loving school and are doing very well!! Pay is catching on to reading really well!! He has also informed me that he wants to take karate or fencing, either is right up his alley, so I guess we will work on that. Haylee is doing so good in school, she loves it. She earned the citizenship award at school for her amazing attitude. She is reading very well, I was listening to her read the other night and I couldnt figure out what she was reading so I went in and asked and she was reading the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. She is still doing ballet and is doing very well!! Sarah has bumped her up to the next level, it will be a little harder and a longer class every week, but she will love it and I am sure she will catch on very quickly!! She loves to dance and I love watching her dance!! I guess we have 4 very happy kiddos!! Now to figure out what we are going to do with ourselves so we can start moving forward, instead of in circles!!