Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Better!!

Well this week wasnt as bad as last week, that's always good!! I am LOVING this job at school, the kids, not so much, but its all good. So what I do is I help out in the library and then I monitor the halls during lunch and help out on the playground during lunch, we rotate who is where. Well the Jr. High kids have dubbed me the hall natzi or hall cop, either one works. I think that is so funny, I guess it means that I am doing my job!! But even though they seem to not like me they still come up and chat at me, so its all good! The best part is that I get to spend lunch with Haylee, I love watching her at school with her friends, and hanging out with her. She is getting so big so fast. Next year I will get to spend it with Pay I hope. Aaron is really enjoying South America, he is there with the Marines for a few days. He is having a good time training other men and seeing all the tourist attractions. He got to see the Mayan ruins this weekend, I am so beyond jealous!! I hope we get to go back there some day, I want to go so bad!! He is having a good time, but he is anxious to get home. The kids are themselves doing school, dance, and playing with friends and each other. My van is working, yeah!!! My cousin got it all fixed for me, now I just hope that it lasts!! My wisdom teeth are all healed up but I am still nervous about eating. My jaw is still in a lot of pain, the one tooth was really far down in the nerve, he said that if I were older I would have permamnent loss of feeling in my lower lip, but it has been fine, thank goodness. But now we get ready to start another week of all that life holds for us, time flies so fast!! I am hoping to have the time and energy to start Spring Cleaning this week, we have an inspection next week so I need to be ready!! Anyway things are good with our posse, I hope all is well with all of you!!

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