Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh What a Week!!

Here is an update from the Vargas posse! Our week started out normal, school, ballet and work. I am really enjoying my job at the school, it is way easy!! I help out in the library and outside during lunch, or monitoring the halls during lunch, not bad at all..Anyway all was going fine until Thursday happened....We got up got Haylee to school then Aaron has to get ready to leave the country for a few days, so we head to Tooele, we stop to get gas and the car wont start...the belt came off and wont go back on. So we call in back up to come and pick up all 5 of us. Luckily my mom had the day off to help me because I had my wisdom teeth out that day. So Aaron and my dad tow my van to Tooele and I head to my appointment. That was the last I saw of Aaron until Friday night. Well I came home from my appointment and slept the rest of the day and all that night. I woke to hear that it is going to be about 700 to fix my car and Aaron wont be around to help me out. Well, thank goodness my cousin can do it for me a lot cheaper, but I still dont know how long it will take. As for my teeth, I am okay, swelling and bruising is minimal, but wow the pain....So for now I am hanging out in Tooele with family until I have a car big enough to get all of us around. It has been so crazy!! I am sure that this post is completely scattered and may make no sense, for this I am sorry. I am still a little drugged but I hope it all passes soon.

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