Thursday, November 18, 2010

We are still alive!!!

WOW, its been so long since I have posted anything! Lets see where do I start?? The kids are back in school and they love it!! Haylee is in 2nd grade this year and she has her 1st grade teacher in 2nd grade, she is so excited about that!! Pay is in 1st grade this year, he loves his teacher. She is new to our school this year and I love her, she is so great! We have already finished the 1st term of the year, and that means we have already gotten report cards. They both did so good, neither of them have a grade below an A, I'm one proud momma!! Haylee also got an award for her honesty and good attitude and for being uplifting to her friends and everyone around her. She is so amazing and growing up way too fast!! She helps me with anything that I ask her to, she loves her family with all of her heart! Payton is so awesome too, he loves his brothers and they love to be with him. He cant make a move that McCoy and Emmet aren't right behind him, they love him so much! McCoy is such a stinker, he is so funny and loves to make us laugh! He is settling down a little, not beating on Emmet so much anymore. He is so busy, its hard to keep up with him some days! Emmet is right there with McCoy, busy little stinker. He is so funny and loves to cuddle. He is talking a little bit, he YELLS mom and dad and papa, he can say batman, iron man, pillow pet, ball, and a few other words. I love them so much I am so grateful to have the four of them in my life!! As for me and Aaron, I am working at their school part time, I help out in the kitchen doing what ever needs to be done, then I head on down to Haylee's classroom and help out in there. Aaron is working a job that he hates right now, but wont be for much longer, he got a job offer from Dugway and we are way excited to start out there soon. I am so grateful that he works so hard, even at job that he despises, to take care of us! We are pretty blessed, and I am grateful for it all!!

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Brycie Jean said...

Good to hear ya'll are still alive! I haven't been keeping up with my blog much lately either!